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We are leaders in automotive AI-powerd application. Our know-how from automotive now is expending on other industries.

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Fotomeister App

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This AI-powered application speeds up and simplifies car photography. It guides you through the entire photo process and shows you how to use the advanced features. With our application, you can change the background, enhance the look of the car, and add branding to highlight key selling points. Finally, you can manage all the photos on the Panel which you can access on your PC.

Capture pro car photos with your phone, quick and easy!


MyAutohouse App

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This application enables remote transactions for selling, trading, and buying vehicles. Photos and information about the vehicle are sent to the car dealer using the application, who performs a virtual inspection and evaluates the value of the car. In the same way, a car dealership can offer a vehicle to its client base by sending them photos and information about the car.

Automate car purchases with digital ease!


Inventur App

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The application is intended for car dealerships for the digitization of the car inventory process. The app scans the VIN numbers of all the vehicles on the lot, and then the app exports this data to a CSV file and compares it to the input table of cars for accurate and fast inventory. The application also has the ability to scan the QR code for the list of goods, and it can be used in other areas of the economy.

Inventory with your phone, no papers, no worries!


Zulassungsschein App

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This handy tool allows users to scan and digitize information from their vehicle registration certificate. Statistics show that 46% of manually entered VIN numbers in the DMS system have an error, because illegible numbers and letters can be easily mixed up. That creates big problems, first for car dealers, mechanic workshops, but also for drivers.

Vehicle Registration Certificate on your phone.


TireXpert App

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TireXpert is an app designed to automatically read tire data by analyzing photos of the tire and its DOT number. Instead of manually entering numbers, users simply take photos, and the application extracts all necessary data. Once the inventory is complete, scanned data can be exported to a PDF. In the admin panel, users can easily view the inventory of tires in stock and sort them using tables.

Tires info & inventory in just a few clicks.

TireXpert APP

AI from Serbia is a showcase of cutting-edge artificial intelligence with real-world applications beyond the automotive industry.

Our team's expertise and experience in the automotive industry has led to the development of tools that facilitate faster and efficient digitization of work processes.

  • Our photo processing technology is #1 among automotive dealerships in Germany.
  • We are the only ones to offer simulated vehicle detailing, covering paint and rim polishing, and interior cleaning.
  • Our AI is highly trained to recognize and replace license plates with branded content.

The current applications of AI developed by BRRM serve as the starting point for the further development of AI from Serbia.

Our aim is to expand our AI across various industries by developing new applications based on our automotive experience, addressing various business challenges, digitizing processes, and generally making work easier, faster and better.

  • Segmetation

    Feature recognizes the vehicle and replaces the background with pixel precision. Options include full or half segmentation and full or half blur.

    original segmentation
    processed segmentation
  • Automated branding

    Creates unique branding by adding a 3D logo, branded collage, frame or license plate overlay.

  • Vehicle polishing

    Identifies and removes dirt, dust, water droplets, and scratches on the paintwork creating a polished effect.

    platform car
  • Rim polishing

    Removes dirt and other imperfections found on the rims leaving them looking polished.

  • Glare removal

    Removes unsightly glare on the paintwork caused by harsh lighting.

  • Reflection

    Feature adds depth and perspective to the photo by mirroring the vehicle or its wheels on the parked surface.

  • Tire scanning

    Uses optical character recognition to read and save DOT codes in digital formats

  • Registration scanning

    Digitizes vehicle registration certificates allowing for efficient storage, retrieval and analysis


We are offering two convenient options:

  • Prepaid
  • Postpaid

In the prepaid system, credits are purchased upfront. With our different credits package, you can buy smaller or bigger credit amounts - however you please. Our system informs the client that his credit is about to expire and that he can purchase a new one, so that the client can never unexpectedly run out of credit. If the client uses all the credit, the application informs him that the credit has expired and that he should contact the support team.

For postpaid, clients settle payments after a specified contract period.

Additional options like presets, collages, branded photos, or multi-VIN incur additional charges.

Our support system is available to our customers during business hours. Regardless of the method of communication that clients choose, whether they contact us via email or phone call, we are here to answer their questions and solve their needs in the shortest possible time.

Multilingual support team is ready to communicate with customers in several different languages, to ensure that every customer is able to communicate with us in the language that suits them best.

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About BRRM

Shaping the future with AI.

BRRM is a leading innovator of AI-powered applications for the automotive industry. It was founded by industry experts who understand the challenges facing automotive dealers. For over a decade they have been developing proprietary AI technology to overcome those challenges.

BRRM's mission is to develop innovative applications for automotive dealers that make it faster, easier, and more consistent to market and sell any vehicle.

BRRM's vision is to set new standards in the automotive industry by continuously improving its AI technology to meet the needs of the market and anticipate future trends.

With its deep expertise and innovative solutions, BRRM is well-positioned to lead the way in the future of the automotive industry.

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International partners.

With a global presence, we have established strong collaborations with 10 esteemed international partners, each contributing to the success and continuous evolution of our platform.

Major projects done.

Each project showcases our commitment to excellence and innovation. As we continue to grow, our team remains dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions that exceed expectations.

Client’s satisfaction.

All our clients are completely satisfied with our applications and our services. We prioritize your needs and deliver exceptional solutions tailored to exceed your expectations.


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